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About Clementine Consulting

Our company is the distributor of the world's leader predictive analytics solutions, the IBM SPSS products in Hungary, as IBM Premier Business and Support Partner. However Clementine Consulting deals not only with the distribution and technical support of these products: we provide professional support, organize courses on statistics, data- and text mining, and help our customers with consultation and on-the job trainings.

IBM SPSS Products

SPSS products are present in Hungary since 1991, and its leader predictive analytics solutions - Statistics, Modeler, Data Collection, Deployment Family - are very popular in business and academic sector, too. These softwares are used in many industries from telecommunication and financial companies through the research, commercial, government and healthcare industries, and many universities use and teach the softwares.

Consultation services

Clementine Consulting can help organizations to solve many different business problems and challanges. Our products and services together supports the business processes from data collection to perform complex analyses and building reports. We aim to help our customers to maximize the analyzing capabilities of the software products and use them effectively to solve their business problems after the implementation too.

We provide the following consultation services:

  • Choosing the most suitable product combination: we can help in choosing the appropriate IBM SPSS product and module combination
  • Jumpstart services: we developed industry specific solutions which includes trainings and guides besides the software components
  • Personalized consultation: our experts available with our consulting sevices on short and longterm too.

CLEM products

Our experts developed industry specific solutions which helps customers to integrate analytics in their own business processes more quickly. In these solutions we combined IBM SPSS software products with industry best practices, analytics guidelines and special trainings.


CLEMCRM is a solution which helps companies to organize and automate business processes in their marketing and CRM activities. Based on data and text mining technologies CLEMCRM is able to support the customer retention and acquisition, reducing marketing costs and improving satisfaction by offering personalized customer experience.

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CLEMVOICE is a complex solution, which integrates Hungarian speech-to-text, text- and data mining technologies to analyze and understand voice recordings of call centers.

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CLEMRISK is a solution that builds "best practice" credit risk scorecards for banks and financial companies combining data mining knowledge and professional's experience. CLEMRISK includes automated processes for providing Basel II risk parameters for calculating the minimum capital requirements.

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