What are our operators talking about with customers for more than thousand hours a day? Is the main customer interaction point under real controll? How many important notices, opinions are hidden in the conversations?

CLEMVOICE is a complex solution, which integrates Hungarian speech-to-text, text- and data mining technologies to analyze and understand voice recordings of call centres. CLEMVOICE is developed with AITIA Internatinal together.

Predicting churn

When a customer has a problem or complaint, applies to the call centre, where the conversation is recorded. By analyzing recordings we can explore their problems, can identify their aim to churn. Retrieving these information your company can plan actions to customer retention and improve their satisfaction. The solution is able to produce the list of risky customers  on daily basis.

Identifying unsatisfied customers

Terms and expressions in conversation can determine the clients tone, mood and attitude, so unsatisfied customers can be identified.

Dissatisfaction can be measured by the calculated negative index, which we can use for several goals:

  • Monitoring conversation's mood: we can monitor the conversations mood in reports on daily/weekly basis
  • Identifying problematic topics, products: we can identify which topics and products  are derived to negative mood
  • Monitoring operator performance by their conversations average level of mood index, and the changing of mood during the conversations

Monitor how protocol is kept

During the conversations operators have a specific script or protocol. According to these they have to identify the customer, gather customer's missing data and finally close the conversation.

Monitor how operators kept the protocol under control, but CLEMVOICE can detect these compulsory items in every conversation. So CLEMVOICE qualifies recordings not only by their mood, but by how the protocol is kept. With CLEMVOICE:

  • Your company can monitor the call centres performance in protocol in reports on daily/weekly basis.
  • Operators can be qualified by a protocol score which show how a certain operator kept the protocol
  • Trainings are measured precisely planned more efficiently

Continually performance monitoring

CLEMVOICE technology can evaluate every single conversation according to their mood and protocol, so it is capable to monitor each operator's performance, too:

  • Performance monitoring by negative index (mood) and protocol score
  • Identifying operators with performance under the call centre's average
  • Trainings efficiency on operators performance is measurable