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Business services

clemCORP - business information service

Database and online platform.

Information has become a priority in today's ever-changing market environment. No one contradicts this statement that has become virtually commonplace, but many people are still failing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the information society. With the clemCORP business information database you’ll be able to:

  • Expand the number of your business partners
  • Increase the efficiency of your claims management
  • Monitor the financial situation and ownership background of your business partners on a daily basis
  • Monitor the current status of your business partners

The clemCORP system is a web application accessible from the browser, providing a complete business information solution tailored to the needs of the user.

By starting a simple search, you can find the company or person, whose background you want to check, and clemCORP will bring the available data to you in a transparent and organised form.

Company information module

The Company information module makes it easy for everyone to find out about their existing or prospective business partners. In the intelligent search engine of the online interface, you can search by company name, tax number, individual name and address. The system also contains data on Hungarian companies, their owners and officers, sole traders and other organisations and foundations. A structured summary of the company you are searching for is provided, highlighting the information relevant to decision-makers. This interface allows you to download a company extract or a detailed company history with a single click.

Through clemCORP's intuitive user interface, you can also view individual data in a more detailed version and perform further analysis and comparisons. Click on the display panels to access additional functions, such as the detailed Basic Data Display, Financial Indicators, Relationship Network Graph, Bankruptcy Analysis Indicator, or the Time Series Data Display.

Company group identification

The clemCORP system also has a key feature in the background, an algorithm that automatically detects groups of companies, identifying the groups of clients required to operate under the BASEL III international banking supervisory standards. When displaying the statistics, clemCORP thus displays the statistics of the group of companies to which it belongs, in addition to the company under investigation. This makes it considerably easier and more transparent to assess the situation of counterparties, even if they are part of larger groups or holdings.

Risk analysis

With the Risk Analysis Module, you can get a full picture of a company's situation, deepen your analysis of its ownership and relationship network, get in-depth information on its financial and economic situation, and track the court and registry events of your strategically important partners and related companies.

The module uses professional formulas and mathematical models to establish a probability index of the occurrence of bankruptcy events, based on a combination of factors and events.

The system displays all the undesirable events (non-payment, foreclosure, liquidation, bankruptcy, forced liquidation...) that are included in the Bankruptcy Score system when they occur, based on a database that is updated daily, so it can always reflect the current risk status.

Network of contacts

The Interactive network of conatacts is mapped using a machine learning algorithm developed by Clementine’s experts, and can identify known and hidden relationships in the clemCORP database with outstanding statistical accuracy. It provides a clear view of a company's network of owners and other contacts, with variable depth and freely chosen filtering. From the network of contacts, it is possible to infer possible interconnections of the ownership background with other companies and interests.

It can also show the extent of the network of relationships and the previous companies in which the interest is held. You can also activate colouring of the diagram according to different aspects, for example, you can choose colouring based on bankruptcy probability. Setting up these features is also just a few clicks.

Which industries can it be used in?

Financial services