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Customer service

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Related products


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Customer service

Hanga - The voice-driven IVR

IVR-enhancement using voice and text analytics technologies.

Supporting the call routing process with IVR systems is an industry-independent standard, and is well known to anyone who has tried to call a company's customer service department at least once in their life. Everybody knows it, but nobody likes it!
Nobody likes that automated voice that greets you at the beginning of the call. Nobody likes the way it lists the phone buttons that can be pressed to get the service you need. Nobody likes listening to the menu system for minutes on end, and nobody likes not finding the right combination of buttons for their needs. Nobody likes to wander through menus and nobody likes to wonder whether they have pressed the right button. And what a relief it is to finally get someone on the end of the line to tell you why you're calling.

Is there an IVR solution better suited to the needs of customers? Clementine's voice-activated IVR system offers exactly that!
Our virtual customer service agent solution combines the best of our voice and text analytics development to create a real-time technology that can revolutionize the way companies and organizations handle calls. Hanga enables customers to tell the call centre in their own words what they want to do when they call. By converting the voice into structured data and performing operations on this data, the system automatically transfers the call to the appropriate endpoint without the customer having to bother with push buttons while listening to a tedious and lengthy menu structure.

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What industries can it be used in?

Energy services
Governmental services
Financial services