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Customer service

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Customer service


A text mining solution that revolutionises email management in customer service.

Customer service departments receive dozens of emails a day, but what happens to these emails once they land in our inbox?

In some companies, after a first scan, the messages are forwarded by a senior administrator to a colleague who will then contact the customer. While in other organisations, mail is sent to operators in first-come, first-served without pre-screening. The operator then checks whether there is a history of the letter, asks the customer for further clarification if necessary, asks whether a similar issue has arisen before, or whether a central response template is available. The final reply is formulated and finally, by pressing the send button, the correspondence is filed in parallel and closed with a subject code. This is the general practice in contact centres today.

Now imagine a super-assistant with fast reading capabilities, who can pre-screen, prioritise and distribute mail to all the operators in one person, who remembers all the correspondence that has previously occurred in the life of the company or organisation, and who can then come up with a response to most of the mail, while of course never running out of time and always delivering a high and consistent work performance.

With EMILIA, your company's mail management practices can be just that. With a response time of just a few seconds, our solution can process the content of an e-mail using complex data and text mining algorithms, similar to the human cognitive interpretation process, and then prioritise the result by distributing the e-mails to the operators, filing them and generating a response template if required.

What are the benefits of EMILIA?

  • By pre-screening the e-mails by EMILIA instead of two or more human operators, considerable time can be saved in the response process.
  • Thanks to EMILIA's e-mail prioritizing functionality, there is no risk of an e-mail being forwarded to the wrong person or, in extreme cases, no one considering it their responsibility to reply.
  • EMILIA eliminates a major disadvantage of the practice of first-come, first-served mail processing. Its prioritised mail sorting feature allows responding critical mails first
  • The use of EMILIA's knowledge base saves the time spent on searching for template replies, template e-mails, and "collating" the relevant parts.
  • EMILIA's consistent filing practices will standardise the subject classification of incoming mail, making it easier to search for template responses in the future and quality assurance processes more efficient.

What industries can it be used in?

Financial services
Governmental services
Energy services