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IBM SPSS Statistics

Statistical software with a unified, integrated interface and a clear, well-structured menu system for exploring the information contained in your data.

Statistical reporting, significance testing, data analysis? - Nine out of ten professionals think of IBM SPSS Statistics for these keywords. And with good reason, because IBM SPSS is a market-leading statistical software with a single, integrated interface and a clear, well-structured menu system that does everything you need to explore the information in your data.

Using a powerful statistical toolkit, you can quickly and easily extract the information you need for decision-making, interpret and display results in tabular or graphical form, and then easily share them with others through a range of reporting features, including secure web viewing. In addition to easy-to-use data analysis options, it also offers a wide range of more complex statistical procedures, making it the perfect tool for all areas of the entire analysis and reporting process.

Professionals around the world have been using SPSS Statistics for over 50 years for data analysis, market and public research, and a wide range of scientific research, because SPSS Statistics is simply the best software for solving business and scientific problems on a statistical basis. SPSS Statistics has a long tradition of being used in the following areas:

  • Reporting and ad-hoc decision-making
  • Developing enterprise-level analytical applications
  • Medical, clinical, economic, and social research
  • Survey research, market research processing, and direct marketing
  • Administrative research, HR activity support, human resource management
  • Academic, university, education sector
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Quality improvement

Structure of SPSS Statistics
SPSS Statistics is a modular, tightly integrated complete suite of products for the analytical process, providing support for the processes of design, data collection, data management, data preparation, analysis, reporting, evaluation, and graphical visualization. The modules can be installed and used separately, without the basic software (SPSS Statistics Base). The intelligent interface is easy to use - even for the most complex analyses, it helps the user to discover and exploit all the data management, statistical, and reporting capabilities required.

Elements and modules of the SPSS Statistics family
The members of the SPSS Statistics product family work together to provide everything you need for your analytical work, from planning to data management and analysis to publishing results. For a more detailed description of the modules in the family, see SPSS Statistics modules.