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Related products


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Customer service

Hanga 2.0 - The Virtual assistant

A voice assistant solution based on voice-activated IVR technology with a proprietary dialogue engine.

While the voice-activated IVR solution is capable of "simple" routing, question-and-answer communication after understanding the client's intentions, the virtual assistant is capable of longer, more complex dialogues and conversations.

Voice-based ELVIRA, the passenger information system by MÁV is a joint development of Clementine, SpeechTex, and BME. The voice-based virtual assistant can take calls from up to ten passengers at the same time and provides information on domestic train timetables and ticket prices. Thanks to the robotic assistant, travellers can get the information they need over the phone without waiting, freeing up energy and time for the voice operators to deal with more complex passenger information issues.

Elvira is a version of the Hanga virtual assistant solution tailored specifically to MÁV's needs. It integrates three technologies to understand and respond to passenger intentions: speech-to-text, text mining and machine learning, and text-to-speech.
Development, training and integration of ELVIRA began in early 2022, and by the end of the year it had already served nearly 12,000 callers. The assistant is a Hungarian development, it is the first system based entirely on Hungarian technology and Hungarian components. The introduction of such a system is recommended primarily for large companies and public administration firms, where a sufficient number of telephone calls are expected.

What industries can it be used in?

Energy services
Retail Governmental services
Financial services