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ClemVital package

Conscious living and effective recovery for a constantly high level of performance in ever-changing conditions.

To achieve business objectives, it is now essential that employees perform at their best despite constantly changing circumstances. The key to this lies in a conscious lifestyle and effective recharging. Our newest workplace health service, the ClemVital Programme, is unique in that it uses statistical tools to examine employees' corporate performance indicators together with their physiological responses to real-life situations and their psychological characteristics. In designing our ClemVital service package, we were motivated to offer a complex solution for both employees and corporate decision-makers.

How is it done?
Our solution is built on two pillars.

  1. Workers first wear a tiny body sensor for 3 days, which records physiological parameters during the measurement period. The resulting data can be used to model the characteristics of an individual's body that are closely related to the effects of stress responses, rest-recuperation and physical activity on overall health.
  2. We will then use an internationally standardised personality test to explore the development of the psychological immune system of employees, i.e. their ability to cope with stress and challenges.

At the end of the assessment, each participant will receive an 8-10 page report with individual results, including personalised guidelines and practical advice for a balanced daily life and more restful nights. The aggregated results are then used to produce a management report, providing decision-makers with an essential source of information to identify staff strengths, areas for improvement and more effective work organisation.

Clemvital Csomag

Who is it for?

Our innovative service - which we recommend to be carried out on a sample of at least 50 people - is recommended to employees in a wide range of fields who want to increase their self-awareness, to recruitment managers looking for the best person for a specific position, and to company managers who want to get to know their employees better.

What does the ClemVital service deliver as a result at an individual level?

  • The personalised results of the lifestyle survey can be presented in a group training session or an individual consultation.
  • All employees who have participated in the programme will be provided with the results of the 8-10 page lifestyle survey and psychological test in English, containing their results.
  • We will help you plan the necessary steps to improve your performance.
  • If required, we can offer the support of an experienced coach to help you take these steps.
  • We will undertake the necessary follow-up measurements to measure progress.

What is the result of the ClemVital service at organisational level?

  • We provide managers and decision-makers with a management summary report analysing the correlation between job roles and personal psychological profiles.
  • We prepare a comparison of the results of different work groups.
  • We prepare a draft expert proposal to increase organisational efficiency.
  • If required, we can recommend an experienced coach to support you in dealing with management challenges.

What are the benefits for you?

  • We guarantee the measurability of performance, and the detection of personal energies.
  • Participants in the programme do not miss out in their daily work.
  • The most stress-critical work processes and activities can be identified.
  • More effective people management and individual career path planning can be developed.
  • The correlation between personality profile, stress management and individual performance can be used to predict with a high degree of certainty the performance of a new employee.
  • Precisely defined training and development plans can be drawn up for existing employees.
  • Losses associated with employee health management can be reduced.
  • Strengthen employer branding and employee loyalty to the company.
  • The ROI of human factors can be easily ensured.
  • Increase employees' sense of well-being, motivation and performance.
first-beatAs the tool measures physiological reactions, the programme aims to help people learn to live their lives more consciously, to show them how much stress they experience during their day, for example, or how much they find relaxing and relaxing activity can be, so that they can be educated about exercise, relaxation, stress and even work-life balance.

Our partner in the development of the ClemVital service is Fusion Vital.