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Clementine is Hungary's leading analytical company.

We can help you find the answer to all your data mining questions. Our main strengths are text analytics, voice analytics, design and development of NLP-based systems in Hungarian. Our systems and solutions not only help you with your analytical tasks, but also reduce your operational costs or make your systems more efficient.

Our activities can be divided into three main areas

  1. Distribution of IBM and i2 analytical tools and solutions.
    Our portfolio is built around IBM SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler) and i2 solutions, covering all areas of traditional descriptive statistics, predictive analytics and network visualisation and analytics. For individual requirements, we can provide our partners with the full IBM analytics and i2 portfolio and consulting support.

  2. Analytics and AI solutions
    Our machine learning and NLP-based solutions not only help you support campaigns and optimise customer relationships, but also make your day-to-day operations more efficient. Our CRM solutions help you improve customer relationships, create tailored offers, automate churn management, segmentation and risk analysis. Our text analytics solutions can reduce operational costs and incident turnaround times in customer service, IT helpdesk and fraud detection.  

  3. Education, research
    Clementine has a wide range of research and educational activities. We organise regular meetups on the challenges of the data scientist/analyst profession and current market issues. Two of our main conferences are conTEXT, which focuses on the latest developments in text analytics and NLP, and dataSTREAM, which presents classic and emerging applications of machine learning and data science.
    Our training activities cover all areas from academic to user-level training. We regularly organize seminars and training sessions on the use of the software we sell and the analytical procedures we have developed.
    Through our own and grant-supported R&D programmes, we have made several pioneering developments over the years. Our R&D programmes rely on our colleagues and are carried out in collaboration with the national professional and academic research community. Their outstanding achievements include the development of Hungarian text analytics modules for IBM's analytics portfolio and the development of a Hungarian voice transcription solution.

Company history

2016.    Customer service automation and quality assurance system.
2015.    Development of real-time applications.
2012.    Launch of the Clementine brand. Full support, training and workshops for our platforms.
2011.    Voice transcription: transcription and analysis of spoken text
2009.    IBM premium level Business and Support partner.
2007.    First text analytics solutions in Hungarian.
2005.  creation of Clementine, then called SPSS Hungary Kft. Main profile is the distribution of IBM SPSS tools.

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