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Data mining

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Data mining

IBM SPSS Modeler Server

Cloud-based, scalable performance infrastructure for data mining.

IBM SPSS Modeler (Clementine) can efficiently analyze the volume of data typically generated by small and medium businesses.
As your company's data mining needs increase, either in volume or complexity, you can easily migrate to IBM SPSS Modeler Server to meet your company's size requirements.
IBM SPSS Modeler Server, operating in a client/server architecture, allows multiple data analysts to work simultaneously without being constrained by computing resources.

What makes it better than the traditional client software?

  • Higher performance, parallel execution
  • Automated execution in Batch mode
  • Extended in-database mining functionality in addition to client functionality
  • Unlimited CPU usage for scalability
  • SSL-based encryption to protect data

Take advantage of the in-database mining (inDB mining, SQL pushback) provided by the state-of-the-art IT environment, enabling efficient processing of large amounts of data. IBM SPSS Modeler Server also offers additional solutions that allow you to extend the data mining process to geographic and functional dimensions and deliver ready-to-use results to decision-makers.

By using IBM SPSS Modeler and  IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services applications together across the enterprise, you can further optimize your analytical tools; centralise the archiving and management of data mining models and related processes. With a common platform, you can monitor changes in predictive model performance, control who uses and modifies models, enable full user authentication, automate the process of updating models, and schedule model execution. This turns predictive models into real business assets and allows your company to get the most out of your data mining investment.