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Customer service

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Customer service


An innovative solution based on the latest technologies to make customer service operations more efficient.

Phone and video calls, email enquiries, contact via chat or SMS, active presence on social media platforms, blog, forum page ratings, and more recently the use of virtual assistants and chatbots. Whether it's a traditional customer service model or a new virtual platform, there is a common challenge to face. In all areas of customer service, there is a huge amount of texts and contents that can be converted into text, that needs to be managed quickly, automatically, and consistently. And delving into this vast store of data will undoubtedly highlight one thing. The deeper we dig, the more certain we are that there is still a wealth of untapped, commercially exciting, and valuable information in our possession.

But how is it possible to see through all customer interactions from all channels at the same time? How can we extract the most valuable information the fastest? How, in what customer service areas can this knowledge be used? How can we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering added value?

Imagine a virtual employee with a wide range of industry-specific expertise, who has the ability to work in all areas of customer service and provide useful advice to your colleagues. This is what our CLEMVOICE solution offers.
Our system can give you a 360-degree view of your entire customer service operation. It monitors all workflows and customer interactions simultaneously and, thanks to its close to real-time operation, it reduces the workload for operators throughout the entire interaction with customers.

What are the benefits?

  • Quality assurance
    Interactions with customers, whatever the channel, have mandatory requirements without the conversation may be invalid. The continuous and automated monitoring of these can save us a lot of inconvenience daily. And by taking swift action, we can even increase our customers' trust in us. There are numerous special communication protocols and expected communication standards, e.g. switching, identification, orders, or action specifications, CLEMVOICE-based monitoring of these is extremely important.
  • Performance and knowledge development
    One of the biggest problems for complex customer services is how to transfer the knowledge and best practices to the customer service staff, when, on what topics, and who should participate in training courses. This can also be made easier with CLEMVOICE. The performance of the agents can be improved in a targeted and scheduled manner, their impact can be measured accurately and the efficiency of the entire call centre can be increased.
  • Building knowledgebase
    Our CLEMVOICE system aggregates and quantifies "operator experience and knowledge", creating a kind of corporate knowledgebase that serves as a reliable input for the customer service staff's questions, as well as for the staff and managers of the various corporate departments, such as sales, marketing, development, etc.
  • Customer analysis
    The attitude of the operators, the characteristics of their speech also determines the communication of the company as a whole, this can all be monitored with CLEMVOICE, either continuously or in a specific period. It is possible to anticipate periods when there is a risk of churn, customers, or, conversely, sales opportunities. And comparing all this with planned campaigns and events can give us comprehensive results that can have an impact on the company as a whole.
  • Deal analysis
    The CLEMVOICE analysis of customer service communication reveals which products and services are typically misunderstood or negatively perceived by customers. In the event of a sudden high number of negative opinions about a product or service, or a worsening in operator performance indicators - even when a critical level is reached - our system can be used to issue an automatic alert to the management of the areas concerned. This ensures rapid decision-making and immediate intervention.

Technological background
Our CLEMVOICE solution combines the best Hungarian voice processing technology available on the market with the popular data and text mining tools offered by IBM SPSS Modeler and our CLEMTEXT development, which allows us to handle the specificities of the Hungarian language. Over the past decade, we have developed robust industry-specific dictionaries that ensure our solution can be rapidly implemented to meet any customer service task.

The main differentiators of our CLEMVOICE solution from other technologies.

  • Supporting Hungarian and Eastern European languages
  • Speech-to-text engine based on continuous large-dictionary speech recognition, full speech transcription, natural language processing
  • Complex, but flexible (can be adapted to the needs of individual business units and modified at any time) analytical capabilities
  • Management of structured and unstructured data in one environment
  • Real-time operation
  • Can be operated as a cloud service

What industries can it be used in?

Energy sector
Financial services
Governmental services